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How to monetize your site

In order to provide an opportunity for placing such an advertisement, the site owner also registers it in the banner network. Then it places a special code, according to which banners are drawn up. Sometimes the advertiser himself appeals to the owner of the resource he needs (usually it’s about frequent visits) with an offer to place a banner. Earnings here are for clicks on the banner, the number of impressions or the fact of its placement. To generate income on your site, use this resource header bidding at the moment this is the best solution.

An example of a popular network where you can successfully earn in this way is RotaBan.

The cost of such advertising is lower than the contextual, but the probability of clicking on the banner is much higher. In addition, these types of monetization allow you to block advertising of competitors and are suitable for any subject. It is also worth considering the fact that pop-ups have a negative effect on the ranking of the site by search engines.

Link Exchange
The essence of the method is to make money by placing other people's links on your site. In order to earn income, its owner must register on the stock exchange, get a special code and place it on his web resource. After that, the exchange's webmaster chooses a place to place links to other articles on the site of the owner. Following each link is subsequently converted into money for the owner.

Among the well-known exchanges of links there are: Mainlink, TrustLink, Sape, Miralinks.

The advantages of such monetization include fast and substantial income. But earning income in this way is very careful, because overloading links increases the risk of being hit by search engine filters, depreciates content for visitors, and therefore can trigger an outflow of traffic. This method is suitable for sites with a high level of TIC and PR.

Partnership programs
The site owner is registered on the resource that offers affiliate programs that correspond to the subject of the resource. The resulting partnership links he places in his. Links can be accompanied by interesting text or be in the form of a banner. The more efficiently the affiliate link is posted, the more often the commission is received.

The advantage of this method is a significant income, maintaining the loyalty of visitors to the resource.

The disadvantage is the fact that to make money you need a quality and useful partner who has high traffic. In the event of claims to the quality of the service or product of a partner, claims may be addressed to the one who posted the link, and not directly to advertisers.

A few tips on how to monetize a site with low traffic
For well-promoted resources with good traffic, all types of monetization are suitable, which one to choose is already a matter of the owner’s taste.

But the monetization of the young site is not so dynamic, but the owner also has every chance of making a profit. For this, he can use the same methods as mentioned above. To increase the level of income, the most optimal solution for the owner is to focus on increasing traffic.
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